These mp3 files represent my exploration in music. As I gain songwriting skills, the songs gain complexity. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be a lead guitarist, so I may someday collaborate with someone who can play lead. My only fear there is that I want to avoid sounding like melodic death metal. My skills on bass are superior to my skills on guitar, so there isn't too much trouble there. Primarily, however, I play drums. Unfortunately, I record late at night after my offspring are asleep. Rather than face their screaming wrath, I allow a drum module to do the sweaty work of playing the drums. I am hoping that will change soon.

Revenant June, 2006 Zombie! Gonna bite you!
Infernal Mistress January, 2006 This song is about a succubus. One theory is that the succubus myth is an ancient explanation of wet dreams. This song explores the myth instead from the point of view of a longing dream. The vocals are an exploration of multiple styles.
Gaze into the Firelight January, 2006 The lyrics wrote themselves on this one. As I smoked my cigar, pen in hand, waiting for inspiration to come, the image of someone sitting at a bonfire imagining burning cities and farms popped into my head, so I ran with it.
Clarity Invisibility January, 2006 This song was inspired by the article What You Can't Say by Paul Graham. The lyrics express my irritation with myself when I go along with "social fashion" even when I know better.
Descent to Darkness April, 2005 The lyrics to this song express the solitude of living within a society that does not accept you. In my case, the society is xtian, and I am an atheist. Therefore, I seek out other dark individuals who share my plight. A synthesizer was used for the bass part on this song. I may someday fix that.

Songs in progress. Most of these are missing lyrics, and some are missing other things. The date in the title refers to the date I started writing the song.

021107 February, 2007 I changed the guitar sound a bit... i'm still not quite happy with it, but I'm getting there.
123106 December, 2006 This song was written with my new rectifier-type distortion in mind.
Looking Back December, 2006 Check out my new distortion :) This song was not written with this distortion in mind, but I used it anyway.
091706 September, 2006 I wrote this because I hate flying, and I had to fly to California. So I wrote the drums while in the air.
021106 February, 2006 The bass on this still has the keyboard stand-in.
021506 February, 2006
061606 June, 2006 The wierd buzzy sound in the background was created by the laptop I used for the a/d conversion.
081506 August, 2006 This one was recorded digitally. The sound doesn't even come close to the sound I get with my usual analog equipment. Plus there are timing issues and other artifacts of the recording process.
082006 August, 2006 Another marginal digital recording

Old songs... even I think these suck. But they are each interesting in their own way

Grant me your power February, 2005 There are lyrics for this, I just never recorded them.
Ameliorate March, 2005 "Ameliorate" is a working title. I used to name songs by the first word that popped into my head when I saved the file for the first time. Now I name them by the current date when I save the file for the first time.
Our Wrath March, 2005 Woo... I did a pretty bad job on the lyrics on this one. Plus the song is pretty cheesey.